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SharkBase Customer Support

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VP-Info with BONUS SharkBase Upgrade: (Ca$25.00):

This is a simple ZIP download. Upon receiving the PayPal payment, we will email to you the link to the download ZIP'd file. The file package includes the basic, simple VP-Info executable, plus the later SharkBase multi-user executable.

NOTE:The bonus included Sharkbase upgrade is functionally the same as the basic VP-Info system EXCEPT for two additional features:

   (1) It can read and write any dbf data files from any other dBase system such as dBase 2,3,4, FoxPro and Clipper, and it can store UNLIMITED numbers of records, and:

  (2) On systems with NETBIOS over TCP/IP (e.g. some MS Windows) it can use multi-user, multi-tasking record-locking and file locking This is an ideal basis for large, complicated applications.

Also included are how-to notes, useful suggestions, and dozens of sample programs that you can use in your own applications. The ZIP package is updated from time-to-time, and you can return for an updated ZIP package at any time. The PayPal payment is processed by our related merchant www.aerotransport.com.